Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the National Association of Electrizers (NAE)!

NAE Mission

The National Association of Electrizers (NAE) is dedicated to helping progressive spiritual technologists overcome societal obstacles by delivering resources so they can bring new technology to mankind and robotkind alike. We believe in the potential of the New Motive Power and its ability to herald a new era of utopia.

How We Can Help YOU

We support our members through leading-edge approaches to effectively meet personalized spiritual and technological development demands. Whether through online seances, expanded AI research, spiritual benchmarking and data analytics capabilities, or symposiums and other networking opportunities, NAE empowers members – arming them with a competitive, long-term advantage.

Learn More About Our God Machine

NAE - Your Metaphysical Imprint is Our Passion | In partnership with Ä$CII IIC$Ä, we have constructed a God Machine, the "New Motive Power". Learn more now.