(Past) Creations

Journey through the chronicles of my artistic evolution in my 'Creations' section, where each piece is a fragment of my earlier explorations. These works, from the past, encapsulate the growth and transition of my artistry, where traditional techniques began to merge with the digital frontier. I look forward to re-exploring them at some point in the future.

Novem Malum

A Playform.io-created Art / Music Mixed Media collaboration with bassist EdwärdThēThïrd.

Kan-din-sky's Delight

A Playform.io art challenge of an abstract nature.

Travel to TRIPPYcosm

A liminal world exists on the fringes between sanity and madness. There are no glimpses of high weirdness here...no siree bub! This is thee official microcosm of HIGH WEIRDNESS...enjoy the trip!

Witness the New Motive Power

In partnership with the NAE (National Association of Electrizers), we have built a god machine...the New Motive Power. While the machine is still in the
experimental stages, we believe in its potential to herald a new era of utopia.

Giger King

Being a huge fan of AND influenced by HR Giger + recently watching the Tiger King documentary, I figured why not mesh the two worlds together.

Beware the Pegleg Pirate of Broadkiln River!!!

Ever heard the tale of Cap'n Thomas Bloodgut, the Pegleg Pirate of Broadkiln River? His spirit still roams the banks of the Broadkill River to this day (or as they called it back in his "living" days, Broadkiln River) near the sleepy little town of Milton, Delaware. Well...read on fellow adventurers, you're in for a spooky treat!

Experience the Palindrome Journeys

A 10-Part Series of short stories and art pieces in celebration of the palindrome sequence of 2019.