Ä$CII IIC$Ä | Trey Bowden

Ä$CII IIC$Ä is the artistic alter ego of Trey Bowden, an IT Leader, Artist, & Musician who lives and works in Milton, Delaware. Born and raised in Southern Delaware, he loves to explore the world.

Trey is a self-taught artist and storyteller often blending peculiar history and imagined ideas on both digital and physical mediums. While bucking the trend of picking a specific style, he tends to create both abstract and surrealist imagery.

While Trey sees the value of traditional art forms and techniques, he loves to build upon his 23+ year IT career when considering his artistic process. He utilizes multiple AI (artificial intelligence) tools for his creations, including one he engineered himself, as part of his digital-first workflow.

He employs his musical abilities for the creation of immersive experiences, blending both auditory and visual imagery. Originally an alto saxophonist in grade school, Trey transitioned to bass guitar in his early twenties as his primary instrument. His musical arsenal also incorporates synths, triangles, and multiple noise-making devices along with his growing collection of effects pedals.

Trey has recently become a Playform.io artist and has MANY plans for the future of AI-generated art in 2022 and beyond. He has already minted a handful of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) art pieces with many more in planning. 

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