Certificate of Authenticity
Ä$CII IIC$Ä's art is delivered with an official Certificate of Authenticity to ensure art collectors of a secure, authentic art investment. Ä$CII IIC$Ä's Certificate of Authenticity is custom designed, hand embossed, dated and hand signed by Ä$CII IIC$Ä to guarantee the buyer they are receiving genuine, original artwork.

Custom Embossed Stamp

A custom Ä$CII IIC$Ä embossed stamp will be added to ensure a secure, authentic art investment.

Artist Signature & More

Artist signature, additional artwork details (title, year, numbering, etc), and a QR Code linked to the ArtMoi catalogue entry also included.  

Art Depiction

A mini representation of your art will be added to easily match the Certificate of Authenticity to your artwork.

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